We are now into our 6th decade as a caravan club, and wish all our members a Happy Rallying Season.

Anyone wishing to join our club, please email or use the contact page and we will contact you with more details.

The Welton caravans were built in Welton near Hull and production started in 1955. When production was at it highest they produced a maximum of 400 units in a year. There are very few Welton Caravans still around as production ceased in July 1975, this was due to the introduction of VAT and rampant inflation.

The Welton Caravan club was founded in 1969 and in its first year there were 103 members. In 1974 there were approximately 300 members, last years membership was closer to 50.

Because the company ceased trading the number of Welton caravans decreased and eventually the Welton Owners club welcomed members with any make of caravan.

The Club is now fairly small for a national club and most members are retired, giving us the opportunity to caravan for long periods and spend our summers enjoying rallies of five days or more and visiting many areas of the country. The Welton Owners Club was granted a Paragraph 4 certificate in 2003. This enables us to run rallies for up to 28 days, as well as the more normal 5 days under the Paragraph 6 certificate.

The Rally Programme will reflect this with fewer but longer rallies. Members receive regular Newsletters, keeping them up to date with Rally Reports, any additions or changes to the rally programme and interesting snippets of news. Membership costs are currently £10.00 a year. For further details or to request membership email us via Contact Us.